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and we all lay down 4...5...6

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aww, you want to link us? Okay! Here you go.

This is a community for the John5 obsessed. You all know who John5 is, whether you think you do or not. He's that hot guitarist from Marilyn Manson. Please keep all posts related to John5 or the band Marilyn Manson. To get started, here is a mini biography from John5.com

Name:John Lowery
Current Band: Marilyn Manson
Stage Name: John 5
Instruments Played: Guitar, Bass
Birthdate: July 31, 1971
Birthplace: Grosse Point, Michigan
Current Home: Los Angeles, California
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Naturally Brown - Currently Blonde
Piercings: One in each ear.
Tattoos: Has both arms completely sleeved, including Taz on his left shoulder. John also has his name written in Chinese on his torso.
Siblings: One sister.
Marital Status: Dating Aria Giovanni since April 2002.
Children: Two, one son and one daughter.
Pets: Two dogs: a Boston Terrier named Slappy (a gift from Marilyn Manson), and a Jack Russell Terrier named Sophie.
Influences:KISS, Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles

John5 has played on the following albums:

Marilyn Manson-Golden Age of Grotesque
Guitar on all Tracks except for 1 and 15

Hazy Dreams (Not just a Jimi Hendrix tribute)
guitar on "Foxy Lady"
*note* only released in Japan

Marilyn Manson-HolyWood
Guitar on all Tracks

Marilyn Manson-The Last Tour on Earth
Guitar on all tracks

Leah Andreone-Alchemy
All guitars

David Lee Roth-DLR Band
played guitar on/Co-Wrote-Slam Dunk!, Black Light, Counter Blast, Little Texas, Wa Wa Zat!!, Relentless, Weekend with the Baby Sitter

guitar/bass on all tracks

Ryan Downe- The Hypocrite
: Electric guitar on Japan and Guitar Effects on: Vegas, Where am I gonna run to

Red Square Black-Square
Guitar on all tracks

Again, please keep all posts related to or of John5 or the band Marilyn Manson. i.e. John 5, Twiggy, Manson, M.D. Gacy, Ginger Fish, Tabs, Bass tabs, likes dislikes, yadda yadda ya.
And of course, with every cult community, there are a set of rules.

Drama Is Welcome Here at john_5_fans, we welcome drama. It's fun and entertaining when it's not taken too far. Just don't let it lead up to having a stalker trying to kill you. That'd be bad.

lj cuts, quizzes, and memes If you really want to post a quiz or meme, make sure it relates to John5 or Marilyn Manson. If it doesn't, it will be deleted. If you post more than one, please put it behind an ljcut. It takes up too much space on people's friends pages.

Post at Own Risk I stated before that drama is welcome. That means, if someone starts drama with you, suck it, you pussy


::*Small Print*::
If you have any questions about the community, you can e-mail me at BassKungFoo88@cs.com. If you have any question about John5/Marilyn Manson, you can post and someone is bound to answer.

::*Not So Small Print*::
This is just a place where fans of John 5 can get together and talk. Info, tabs, rants, likes, dislikes, whatever. Play nice and have fun

Your Mod,

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